Becky Moody - Coach (Bike, Run, Strength Training)
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After 5 years of my own triathlon pursuits, I decided that I wanted to share my passion with others and start a "tri camp". This is Beachside TriSport's 11th year.

It has truly been an amazing experience, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with many different levels of athletes. The most rewarding part is seeing people achieve what they never thought they could do.

My experience began with competitive running at the age of 11, when I joined the Junior Striders in Columbia, MD. I competed in cross country races, track meets and road races all through middle and high school. Running became a habit and a way of life. With the advent of Rollerblades, I spent a 4-year stint with In-Line Road Racing, and followed with a year of bike racing. I took up triathlon in 1998 and was immediately hooked. Starting with the Clermont Sprint Series, I have completed over 50 triathlons up through the Half-Ironman distance. I believe the challenge and thrill of competing is always rewarding and invigorating.

I believe fitness should be a way of life, something that is part of your healthy daily routine. Triathlon is a thorugh way to achieve fitness through the challenge of learning new skills and techniques. I will help you learn to "tri" train through a structured routine that will require you to set goals and push yourself to do your personal best.  I also understand the challenge of maintaining a balance between your family and your training goals.

Becky has a been a Level 1 Triathlon Coach through the United States Triathlon Association and a Personal Trainer certified through the American Council of Exercise since 2003. She has a B.S. in Marketing from Virginia Tech. She works part-time at Pro Health in Melbourne as a Instructor and Personal Trainer.  Becky enjoys training all levels of individuals, from new exercisers to experienced athletes.

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