Sage LaJoie - Coach
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Sage LaJoie is our newest to our coaching staff!  Sage’s interest in health, fitness, and sport spans both her professional and personal life.  With a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, Sage has used her knowledge of exercise and wellness to help employees of various Fortune 500 companies to become healthier, fitter, and overall happier individuals. Sage enjoys assisting everyone, from beginner to experienced athletes, to find the motivation and drive to accomplish their athletic goals and aspirations.

Sage’s personal involvement in triathlon began when her husband convinced her to sign up for a sprint triathlon, after they had run a marathon together and he felt they needed a “new challenge”.  To her surprise, Sage won her age-group and became hooked!  Three Ironmans later, Sage enjoys running, biking, and swimming more than ever, although now her running involves pushing her one-year old son in the jogging stroller, riding her bike with the baby bike seat attached, and swimming very early in the morning before her son wakes up.  Sage’s motto is, “Whatever it takes!”


Sage’s athletic accomplishments include qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon, overall female winner of the 2007 Great Floridian iron-distance triathlon, qualifying for and racing the Half-Ironman World Championships, along with various other overall and age-group wins.  Sage has also received USAT’s All-American Triathlete recognition numerous times.


Sage resides in Melbourne Beach with her husband, son, and two dogs.

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